Rules and Guide lines (Please read before posting)

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sticky Rules and Guide lines (Please read before posting)

Post by Utriax on Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:32 am

Rules and guide lines

Please not do not place glitches or any bugs which may give you free stuff or example "make you unwanted"

instead pm the leadscripter and owner of the server, Hameed_Mokh

Before posting please read through this post.

When posting a bug please use this code.

[b]A Picture of your /stats:[/b]
[b]What might the bug be:[/b]
[b]Do you know a solution to the bug:[/b]
[b]Summary of the bug:[/b]

How do i fill this in?


Here should be your in-game name, for example "Utriax Cylius" (Has to be your own in-game name)

A picture of your /stats

A picture of your stats might be useful if there is a problem with your in-game character.

When in-game type /stats and make a screenshot pressing either F8 or the Print-screen button on your keyboard

If you used the F8 option you will have to go to your San Andreas folder on you Hard disk (Default path = C:\Program files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas) and there should be a picture called sa-mp-xxx ( xxx = The numbers of the screenshots you have taken, which increases every-time you make one) And open that with Paint or an other Picture editing program and try and only make the picture have the stats in it.

When you have used your Print-screen button you can just open paint or an other picture editing program and do CTRL + V to paste the picture you have made (Note you can only store one picture of your screen with the Print-screen button) and try and only make the picture have the stats in it.

After that upload the picture to a picture hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack, then there should be a link (when you have uploaded the picture) that uses a forum embedding code such as
copy that link and paste it into the "A picture of your /stats" part of the Report

What might the bug be

Here you place the subject of what the bug could be, for example "a money bug", "a speed bug", "talking bug"

Do you know a solution to the bug

If you for some reason know how to fix this bug, please place your solution here.

Summary of the bug

Here you can explain the bug fully, example "After i left my car I walked to my house in Commerce and when i entered my house i couldn't leave it"

Please add every last detail of what you were doing and how.

After you filled it up you can post it in the Bug report section.

Please note that a title of the topic should not be "Help!!!!", "Dont know what to do!!" Please try and add stuff to the title such as "Cannot leave my car", "Money dissapeared"

An example of a bug report:

Username: Utriax Cylius
A Picture of your /stats:
What might the bug be: A car bug
Do you know a solution to the bug: The admin will have to remove my car and give me a part of the money.
Summary of the bug: Somehow i cannot enter my vehicle, and now i cannot sell it or use it.

Greetings Utriax.


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