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Post by Nabeeh on Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:11 pm

Dear Liberty City Roleplay Members.

It has been a month since we opened the server.
And I guess we gave a lot for you ( Houses , Money , Weapons , Businesses , Cars , Jobs , Factions )

-- I'm sorry to say that , but its time to do some RP.

* From Now On , Serious Admins , Serious RolePlay and Everyone talks in /b without being Necessary Will be punished.

* Dealership cars : All cars prices will be changed , And I guess everyone noticed that the Sultan is sold for 115,000$ instead of 1 Million.

* Admins will /togpm , The only way to connect with admins is /atalk , They won't respond to any PM or anything else.

* If you break any rule , You will be punished. For example , Bunnyhopping is the most common thing . You will get a warn for doing it. and if you keep doing it , You will get a ban .(3 warns = Ban)

* Never argue with admins , Doing it means disrespect , and you will get a less Reputation in the server.

* Never ask admins to make you a leader. If you want to be a leader , you have to make application in the forums and they will decide if you can lead it or not. Plus you must have 3-5 respect points.

* Faction leaders MUST ask admins to spec them when they want to test members to join their factions.

* All the players will get a 30,000$ , So they won't ask admins to give them money or anything.

* We hope we are not going to lose anyone , We are all friends , At the end its just a game.

* Liberty City RolePlay Admins are happy to help.

Thanks everyone.

Here is a picture that goes with the situation right now :

Best Regards :

LCRP Admins team.


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