Libertycity forums rules.

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Libertycity forums rules.

Post by Nabeeh on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:10 am

Hello everyone.
Here are the forums rules , not following them may causes a ban for several days.

1- Respect all the members without exception.
2- Don't post useless posts , they will be deleted.
3- Don't insult or threaten anyone in Out Of Character/Off topic sections.
4- Don't post/put any Racial in anyway [Post/Signature/Avatar]
5- Respect and listen to Admins and Moderators decisions.
6- Don't advertise a website or a server in the forums/In-Game
7- Always read the announcements and the stickies before posting.
8- Speak English in all forums section.
9- You may not reply on the reports only if you were the reporter/reported.
10- Don't ask to be an admin/moderator. We will open applications when we see its necessary.
11- Don't ask for the admins level, You can always check them in our website. Staff List

Enjoy your staying here and PLEASE follow the all the rules.

Best Regards :


SFRP Admin .

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