[Guide]How to Roleplay

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[Guide]How to Roleplay

Post by Nabeeh on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:12 pm

Roleplay shortened RP means taking on the role of a character and acting it out in-game through emotes.
It's pretty easy to learn, mostly you just act like you would in real life.

Metagaming is mixing IC in OOC.
Example : You see the character in the server and you see his name above his head with his ID(James_Brown 15)
I : Hello James.
James : Hello , How do you know my name ?
I : I can see it above your head.
Its also using shortcuts , like : LOL , w8 , NP , rofl etc...
That is Metagaming.

In-Character shortened IC. and it stands as the Character you play in-game. Like your name in the server is Clide_Drexler , And your In-Real-Life name is Andrea O'neal . So you roleplay as your name is Clide_Drexler.

Out-Of-Character shortened OOC. and it stands as the person behind the screen. Like I said earlier , the Clide and The Andrea . and it Appears right above your Head with the ID.

-Power Gaming-
Power Gaming is shortened PG. and it means doing unrealistic things.
Example : /me takes out a minigun from his shoe.
Another meaning , Forcing player to do something.
Example : /me takes out a bag and puts it on /\/_/\/ Head and kills him.
PG is not allowed.

-Revenge Killing-
Revenge Killing is shortened RK. Well , you get killed ICly and after you get out of the hospital , you go to the person who killed you and kill him. Its not allowed.

-Death Match-
Death Match is shortened DM. and it means killing someone without any IC reason.
Example : You see this guy in the street and you take out your gun and start shooting at him.

I hope its useful.
We wish you good luck Roleplaying in our server. Hope you will be the best Roleplayer here.


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