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Post by Charlie_Sky on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:11 am

1 Year Old - 18 Years Old
First, Charlie Sky was born in Romania in 1988 and he moved at 8 years with his parents in San Fierro. He was a good boy, he learned a lot of things at school but, at 14 years he just entered a Gang named Groove Street , he done some crimes ,abused law and he participated to a Big gang war between Groove Street and Balla , and he BARELY survived. At 17 years he realized that what he did was very bad, so he left the Gang. He went to the San Fierro PD and surrendered. He was jailed 1 year.

18 Years Old to Present
After 1 year in jail, he went to San Fierro PD and applied for it. The Chief of Police , At that moment Rufio Caslione, accepted him. After Hard training and Activity he was Promoted to Commander. He won at lotto 500,000$ and he bought a house, a car and a Helicopter, and a shop named "Charlie's 24/7".In his new job he made a lot of new friends. The best friends are Achraf Boanani, Rufio Green, Nabeeh Mokh , John Stephan , Bashar Bdeer and Paul Muncini.

(( I don't know Hameed IC , i hope i didn't forgot anyone ))

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