Red County Fire Medic Dep. Official Handbook

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Red County Fire Medic Dep. Official Handbook

Post by Achraf on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:28 am


Hello, Thank you for showing your interest in the Los Santos Fire Medical Department. In this handbook I am writing this handbook so LSFMD officers can lookup anything they need anytime.

Just follow the Contents above to find any information that is needed. If you have read this far, you are prbably going to apply or already have applied for LSFMD faction. We would greatly appriciate your company. This handbook will make sure that you are doing your job and duties right.

Basic Duties

The basic duty of the LSFMD is to help the hurt, the mental and anyone that seeks help. We are not here to make sure everyone is walking straight and making sure everything is done perfect. We are here to provide a safe environment for each and every civilian. Always remember, "we are a life-saving organization, not a life-taking organization." Everything we do should influence the community in a positive way. If the High Command believes that at any time you are straying away from the basic duty, you will be let go, no questions asked.

Basic Equipment

You will receive equipment from your lockers at the LSFMD HQ just walk into the reception room on your left and type /duty after you step on the red heart icon. you can go on duty and off duty.

Basic Vehicles
Our vehicles are 2 Ambulances, 1 Firetruck and a Helicopter.

1. The basic vehicles for Paramedics Ranks are Ambulances only, Caught driving anything else without permisson you will be let go.

2. The basic vehicles for FireFighters Ranks are the Firetruck only, Caught driving anything else without permisson you will be let go.

3. Assistants and Captains can drive all avilables vehicles

4. The Comissionner can drive all avilables vehicles

On Duty

Be on duty at all times, we may need you if someone is hurt, had an accident or even is dying. You don't know what is coming around the corner. There could be a car crash, anything. Please get on duty and stay on duty and always announce you are on duty at all times in the /r(adio) channel.

Off Duty

Announce that you are off duty, give a reason, a good one, and never use /d if you are off duty. If you are off duty and using an ambulance or any LSFMD vehicle you will be let go. Please follow the rules or you will be let go.

Patroling System

Always try and patroll in groups of 2, you will need help with the stretcher and to lift patients. If no-one else is online still patrol but get help when you have a patient in need of treatment. Always be nice to patients and civilians, if we get a report of someone being nasty to the civilian or patient we will have a chat and may be let go.


If you have made it this far, you must realy want to join, I can say it must be very boring reading this but it can be useful, so thankyou for reading and remember /d is for High-ranked only, Dont drive LSFMD vehicles off duty and be nice!

LSFMD Commissioner Achraf Boanani


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