Red County Fire Medic Dep. Rules (Under Construction)

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sticky Red County Fire Medic Dep. Rules (Under Construction)

Post by Achraf on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:02 am

Here are the rules to be followed by all members of the LSFMD and any breaking will be punishable:

Respect and Hierarchy:
1 - You need to respect each member of LSFMD, whatever your rank and your partner is.
2 - Each member is entitled to give orders to any member from junior staff members (rank 2 and 3). The Trainees (rank 1) that are being tested, so they are the responsibility of rank 2 and up.
3 - Each member is entitled to refuse an order if it is considered not permissible. He must justify it to ranks 5 and 6 members.
4 - An order cant be given only in the work context. A junior member must not become the lackey of his superior.
5 - Any conflict will be resolved in private with a rank 4, 5 or 6.

Vehicles and Maintenance:
1 - The Ambulances are available to all members of the LSMFD, exept for Trainees, they must be with another member while they patrol.
2 - The Firetruck is available to at least rank 3 and up members.
3 - The Helicopter is exclusively reserved for ranks 5 and 6.
4 - The Helicopter can be used by a rank 4 or less in case of approval of a rank 5 or 6.
5 - The Helicopter can be used by a rank 4 or less in cases of absolute necessity even in the absence of a rank 5 or 6. Its considered an absolutely necessary support and recovery of an injured person in an inaccessible place by any other means.
6 - LSFMD Vehicles should be used only for professional use not personnal use.
7 - All vehicles must show no damage. A repair should be performed whenever the vehicle is damaged unless an intervention is underway.
8 - Regularly check the fuel level of your vehicle.


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