Yakuza's Boss's Words.

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Yakuza's Boss's Words.

Post by Nabeeh on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:56 am

Hey everyone.

I want to introduce to you my mafia , which is opened for everyone . Everyone can join , Come In-Game and ask me ( The Boss ) or apply in Yamagachi forum .

What would make you join the mafia ?

Well , This mafia is too strong , too big , Nice cars out of the HQ , Helicopter in the back yard of the HQ . Plus the boss is hiring members for his family.

Some picture of the HQ :

A view from the front of the HQ :

The HQ's Back Yard :

What Cars Do We Have In The Front Of The HQ :
We have Sultan , 2 FCR-900 ( motorbikes ) , ZR-350 And a Limo .

What is the cars' color ?
They all got red colors , expect the black limo .

Who is the boss of the mafia ?
Nabeeh ( Me ) .

Qeotes of the Yamaguchi Mafia :

Kill before you get killed , Thats the yamaguchi way . You get them before they get you , thats the way we live.

Everyone is allowed to join , Show me your roleplay skills , and you in .

Best Regards :
The Boss ( Nabeeh )
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