Yakuza , More info and Hints.

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Yakuza , More info and Hints.

Post by Nabeeh on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:53 am

Hey Everyone .

Im going to show you here more information about the Yakuza Family . History , Ranks . I hope i will give you enough information.

The Yakuza :

It was created in 1915, the Yakuza is the biggest family in Japan , 50% of all yakuza in Japan, with more than 55,000 members divided into 850 clans. Despite more than one decade of police repression, the Yakuza has continued to grow. From its headquarters in Kobe, it directs criminal activities throughout Japan. It is also involved in operations in Asia and the United States. Shinobu Tsukasa, also known as Kenichi Shinoda, is the Yakuza's current oyabun. He follows an expansionist policy, and has increased operations in Tokyo (which has not traditionally been the territory of the Yakuza.)

The flag and its meaning :

The flag has the meaning of the samurai sword is in the warrior and the sword as one it could be a dangerous opponent .

The Family's Ranks :

Or maybe in other words :

Oyabun/Kumicho/Family Boss
: Nabeeh [Don]
So-honbucho/Headquarters Chief : Available [Underboss]
Saiko Komon/Senior Advise : Available [Consig]
Wakagashira/Regional Boss : Available [Capo]
Shateigashira/Lieutenant: Available [Lieutenant]
Shatei/Younger Brothers: Available [Soldiers]
Wakashu/Junior Leaders: Available [Associates]

Best Regards :
Don Nabeeh
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